C'est la vie

Things that do not contribute to my productivity:

  • Accidentally falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m.
  • INCREDIBLY. LOUD. DRILLING! (We’re having an intercom installed at work.)
  • Cookie dough in the fridge.
  • A friend visiting from out of town.
  • Plans/trips for the next 5 weekends straight.

Yeah, I have no idea how/when I’m going to get 2 (or really 4) synopses written to submit to The Major Publisher That’s Interested in Twenty-Somewhere.

But you know, that’s life. And life is good.

(And of course I WILL get those synopses done.)


  1. Ooh, the friend visiting part sounds like the worst! Seriously, the other stuff I think I could deal with, but if I had an out of town guest, there’s no way I could bring myself to ignore them enough to get 2-4 synopses done.

    Best of luck….
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: Hello, private school! Buh-bye, money! =-.

  2. Sonja-
    Yeah, the visiting friend and the trips that involve other people are the toughest. My hope is to get enough done in the next day or two that that doesn’t become a hindrance…

    Is it! I hope yours is too!

  3. I beg to differ … cookie dough in the fridge is an *aid* to productivity :-)

    First, you need cookies to give you energy. Second, you can use it as an incentive to increase your productivity. One cookie every 200 words? Not sure what the going rate is.

    Anyway, am now craving cookies and have none. Thanks!!
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