Me versus me

My dog is at work with me today, and yes, it pretty much is the best thing ever.


Right now Riley is pooped from running around our 3-story building and greeting everyone. And sniffing every square centimeter of carpet for crumbs. (He’s a very, very good Crumb Finder.) I’ll take him on another social loop in a little while. Right now I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of sitting at my desk, and not having to think, “Oh god don’t eat that! Oh god don’t poop there! Oh god just sit still and let them pet you!”

Riley at Coho 007

On the writing front, I am STILL working on those revision proposals (synopses are so hard!) which is just ridiculous. The Major Publisher told me to take my time (“well, not five years” they said with a grin) but Monday marks the 1-month mark since I got the request, and I’d like to submit everything to them by then. I also have a couple agents waiting for the materials, so there’s another reason to speed it up. My problem isn’t lack of passion or ideas; it’s that I’m trying to include sample pages of a potential rewrite. Part of me says, Drop it; they only asked for synopses. The rest of me says, If the point is to sell your idea, then you’ve got to write the pages, because they are your best tool.

I guess I’ll find out on Monday which side of me wins.


  1. Riley should be good and tired tonight. :) Is one of the rules that the dog must be leashed all the time?

    I’m not sure that adding pages is a good idea. Didn’t Ms. Snark always say something along the lines of, “Follow the damn instructions”? So if they didn’t ask for pages, don’t give them pages. If they want pages, they’ll ask for them. I assume they already like your writing style from what they’ve read so far, which is why they want to work with you even though they’re not sure of your original idea. So pages might be entirely unnecessary.

    Of course, I know nothing about anything, so it’s probably in your best interest to ignore any and all advice I dare to give.
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  2. Riley looks happy. :) So, I like the idea of having sample pages. Write the synopses first, though, right? Keep going, it’s gonna happen!
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  3. You are so lucky… Soooo lucky! I wanna bring my puppies to work!
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  4. I wish I could bring my dog to work!

    If they told you to take your time, take your time. Rushing things will only produce work you’re not proud of, and if that happens, you’ll always wonder what-if should rejection come your way. Get the pages together and send off the package when you can live with yourself.

    Good luck.

    – Liz
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  5. You’re so lucky that you’re allowed to have your dog at work…that is awesome!

    Good luck on the synopsis this weekend. Diet Mountain Dew and gummy candy works wonders for me, maybe it’ll work for you too!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, y’all! I’ll have to look into soda and gummy candy, Rachele. ;)

    No, the dogs definitely don’t have to be leashed, I just put Riley on while he was napping because I wasn’t facing him and didn’t want him to wake up and walk away without my knowing. Actually he was QUITE good off-leash — which I wasn’t expecting!

  7. Angie-
    Thanks, I’ll do my best!

    Oy… Well we went to Chicago this weekend so I really only have today, and we’re golfing and I’m chatting with girlfriends, and I need to grocery shop… ARGH. But you’re right: I can do it!

    Thanks for the link! I’m checking out now.

    elissa janine-
    Thanks!! It’s exciting and daunting and… oh wait, everything about this business is that way. As we both know too well, I’m sure. :P

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