Vacation’s over

Well, until next week, when we go to Colorado for a wedding. People keep telling me we are so lucky to travel, we are having such great adventures, etc. And we totally are! But man, adventures are exhausting. (And they keep me from my writing sometimes…)

This past weekend we went to Chicago. It was nowhere near the first time for me or Andy, and yet we still discovered a number of new things. For example, did you know Chicago has a beach? Yeah, me neither, but apparently it does:

Chicago again! 006

We also “discovered” that the Navy Pier doesn’t suck. In fairness, I thought it was cool the first time we went, even though we were THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE THERE. But I admit, it was a lot more charming in the warm sunshine with lively crowds.

Chicago again! 011

Our hotel was right on the river this time, which was both convenient and lovely.

Chicago again! 033

Even though Andy wanted to get to the stadium a bajillion hours early, we managed to make time to take his parents to the Bean. (It’s supposed to be a cloud, but really? It’s a bean.)

Chicago again! 057

And last but certainly not least, we saw Albert Pujols hit 3 home runs in 1 game at Wrigley Field. Bad day for the Cubbies, good day for baseball’s #1 hitter.

Chicago again! 066



  1. Baseball, the bean, the beach…ahh I miss these Killer Bs too (not related to Chicago though).
    .-= • Recent post by Angie: Gossip =-.

  2. OMG I am completely exhausted from our trip this past weekend and CANNOT IMAGINE undertaking another trip this coming weekend. The mere idea makes me want to curl into the fetal position, clutching my blankie. So, um, you have fun, okay?
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: Dear Kristi: I have lost weight =-.

  3. T.S.-
    Next time I plan to check out the beach, so I’ll tell you firsthand how tropical (or not) it is. :)

    Over 100 degrees?! Yowza!

    Hmm, did I miss that? Where was it? (Haha, forgot you were the hockey dude.)

    Where else is there a Bean?? (And thanks, re: the photo.)

    Lol well we didn’t have two kids in tow…

  4. elissa janine-
    Oh, we plan. Even though we don’t have to. Andy loves to make spreadsheets — yes, Excel spreadsheets — for even the shortest of vacations. :P

    Emily Jane-
    I hope you enjoy it! It’s a great city. Lots of good food, shopping, and activities (shows, parks, etc.).

  5. Les-
    Oh yeah, haha, your neck of the woods! Well, Andy’s in a wedding, so we’re flying in for that.

    LOL maybe. It’s not up to me, though. Our location is pretty much determined by Andy’s career. Benefit to being a (not-screen-)writer is that I can do it from anywhere.

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