I could blog today, but really, what’s the point when you could go read this instead:

When I talk about letting go of things, I don’t mean letting go for its own sake, but letting go of something to make room for something better. What I want for myself and everyone else is not to have nothing, but to have only the best.

And when I talk about letting go of things, I don’t mean removing them completely from your life, but relaxing your grip on them–in the way that if you were clutching a bird in your hand, you might relax your grip on it until it’s standing on your palm, entirely free to fly away if it wishes, but not necessarily standing any farther away from you than it was before.

Let go of your idea of who you are, so that you can find out who you really are.

Read “Let go” by Aurora Bell Ou in its entirety. You’ll be happy you did.

Update 10-12-2010: Unfortunately Aurora took her blog down, but this passage still rocks.

9 responses to “I’m still holding on”

  1. Sonja Avatar

    Oh, you twentysomethings. You’re so cute.

  2. Samantha Bennett Avatar

    Eeee!!! I love it! I can get so clingy when really I should have an open-palm approach to life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Les Avatar

    I <3 that post!

  4. Emily Jane Avatar

    I love it!! There’s something very empowering when you choose to recognise that you may have been playing a role when it comes to different groups of people, and just abandon all the different “people” you are and just instead, allow yourself to be who you TRULY are… without worry about judgment :)
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  5. Trisha Avatar

    You are still holding on. Now picture yourself still holding on 50 years from now. See a family resemblance to anyone else who holds onto things?

  6. Kevin Johnson Avatar

    The best part about letting go in this context is the freedom of stress it brings. It’s almost zen-like. Escaping the notions that we’re always forced to believe we are is probably the biggest revelation I had in the last 5 years.

    In another unrelated matter, since you’re so well-read, I was curious if you knew any good locations that helps to find out the name/authors of books. I have been searching for one book I read when I was younger that changed my life and I can’t remember who wrote it or the title! I tried some groups on Livejournal and Yahoo Answers. No dice. :/

  7. Kristan Avatar


    Oh, haha, believe me, I know. I don’t hold on to STUFF quite as badly — throwing things out makes me so, SO happy! It’s more the mental/emotional stuff that I “hoard.” I’m working on tossing some of that too, though.

    Oy… Hard if you don’t have one piece or the other (title/author). I would just Google a lot of “book about {whatever details you can remember that seem distinct}” and see what turns up.

  8. Jon Avatar

    I hope you’re not “letting go” of the writing! I know you’re onto a big breakthrough, soon!
    .-= • Recent post by Jon: Earliest Influences =-.

  9. Kristan Avatar

    Oh, haha, most definitely NOT letting go of the writing. EVER. Just some of the bad writing habits and mentalities. :)