I could blog today, but really, what’s the point when you could go read this instead:

When I talk about letting go of things, I don’t mean letting go for its own sake, but letting go of something to make room for something better. What I want for myself and everyone else is not to have nothing, but to have only the best.

And when I talk about letting go of things, I don’t mean removing them completely from your life, but relaxing your grip on them–in the way that if you were clutching a bird in your hand, you might relax your grip on it until it’s standing on your palm, entirely free to fly away if it wishes, but not necessarily standing any farther away from you than it was before.

Let go of your idea of who you are, so that you can find out who you really are.

Read “Let go” by Aurora Bell Ou in its entirety. You’ll be happy you did.

Update 10-12-2010: Unfortunately Aurora took her blog down, but this passage still rocks.

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