1. Sonja-
    Isn’t it?! Too bad so many of the keys were stuck.

    Aww! Well we loved Denver, so maybe we can meet up next time we go back.

  2. My hometown! Yay! I love it here…and you saw some of the greatest parts of the city, especially the foxes at the DAM!

    The blue bear is a funny story, if you don’t already know it. And the pianos? Well, why not, right? hahaha!

  3. Jon-
    In tune? Mostly. Fully functioning keys? Eh, somewhat. :P

    We loved Denver, just from the little taste of it that we got. But we did not hear the blue bear story, if you care to tell it… :)

  4. Okay so the blue bear is looking into the convention center, where some of the greatest events happen in Denver. The story is that the blue bear came down from the mountains to check out what we all do because we’re always up in the mountains checking out what he’s up to!

    It’s just a fun, cute story about how much us Denverites love our city, but love the mountains even more!

  5. Yeah, Micah and I live here too, you know.

    The fox piece is actually our favorite in the DAM. I have taken numerous pictures of it.

    16th Street = Awesome. Please let us know the next time you’ll be in town!

  6. You were RIGHT across the street from my office. I work in the Security Life Building that’s right across from the art museum. Thanks for saying “hi!” Just kidding. I hope you’re really enjoying Colorado. I love living here!

  7. Sherrie-
    Turns out we loved Colorado too! So beautiful.

    Aww… I’ll be honest, I totally forgot you live there, because it’s been so long since we last connected. What a funny coincidence that I was so close, though. Maybe next time we can actually meet up. :)

  8. Geez, Kristan, for someone who doesn’t live in CO you sure know a lot of people here.

    And why don’t I know these people? It makes me wonder if I’ve been keeping my head down, or if they have!

  9. Was that piano part of an art installation? I heard someone put 60 pianos in Manhattan as well as more in some other cities.

    Did your Astros win?

  10. Adam-
    Sort of? I think it was more an entertainment installation? It was like, “Cool thing to add to this street and make people smile.” :P

    And yeah, I heard about the pianos in Manhattan, I think that’s way cool!

    Yep, the Astros won!

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