1. Les-
    Not gonna lie, I am totally and maddeningly jealous that you can just drive over there anytime you want.

    M. Gray-
    Haha, but you probably had a much easier time going through the low tunnels in 5th grade than I did!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I’ve been to the Garden of the Gods, but many years ago when my brother was living in Colorado Springs. Have fun!!

  3. sarahjayne-
    Totally worth a trip when you can swing it!

    Thanks! Haha, you would like the 3rd one.

    HOW ARE YOU THE ONLY PERSON WHO REMARKED ON THIS?! Lol. I look freaking pregnant. I really thought it would garner more comments. But thank you, I can always count on you.

  4. Annah-
    Seriously! By the 3rd day, I began to suspect that the state of Colorado used a giant projector screen to create their skies. It’s unreal.

    Riley’s cuter. :P

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