1. I had to read go back and read the list of activities because I started with the photos first and was wondering, what’s a giraffe doing at a wedding?! LOL

  2. Oops, this wasn’t the wedding, just the rehearsal (chairs) and then the rehearsal lunch (table facing the Garden of the Gods). I accidentally typed “reception lunch” when I first posted this, though, so that’s my bad. Sorry for the confusion!

    But yeah, haha, no giraffes at the wedding, and yes it’s a beautiful spot for a wedding, party, or meeting.

  3. This looks amazing for a wedding location. I love Colorado, particularly because it’s super pretty AND zero humidity. Best of both worlds :)

  4. GingerMandy-
    Zero humidity is nice, except for all the water I have to drink to keep hydrated… (And the eye crusties. Those are gross. :P)

    OH YEAH! Haha, thanks for the reminder!

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