Follow through

Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday. Oh, Monday.

This past Monday was a lot of things. A rollercoaster, most of all. The ride went up, down, down, up, and sort of up, in that order. But never mind all the details, it’s confession time.

Monday was my self-imposed deadline to finish my proposal. The proposal requested by The Major Publisher. The proposal to turn Twenty-Somewhere from an episodic book into a more traditional novel.

On Monday, Sonja asked if I had finished. I hadn’t.

But then I heard some news that kicked me into gear. The news was good — great, in fact! — but it belongs to someone else, so I have to wait a little bit before sharing. Regardless, with the excitement coursing through my veins, I skipped out on a meeting that night and stayed home to write my butt off. Or proposal my butt off. Whatever.

I worked until 3 a.m., and yes Sonja, I finished.

Now the proposal will make its way to The Major Publisher, and to the agents who expressed interest in seeing it. I am also writing a sample chapter, even though it wasn’t requested. And after that, I will either be asked to write the book(s) outlined in the proposal, or I will write the other book(s) that have been stewing in my brain.

On Monday I blogged about dreams. And true to my word, on Monday I went after them.

On Tuesday, I slept.


  1. Congrats Kristan! To actually write the proposal and send it in, wow, that’s awesome and takes a lot of courage. Best of luck–I’m sure you’ll be hearing back (positively) soon.

  2. Whoohoo!! Congratulations on meeting the deadline, and best of luck with the agents and publisher. My fingers are crossed for you!!

  3. Thanks, everyone!! It means so much to have y’all’s support. :)

    And LOL Pseudo. Sometimes is better than never, and you’ve got a lot going on…

  4. You must feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear what happens next.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! You finished it. And I guess that was a good reason for Monday’s absence :)

  6. Yay for you! I’m glad you got the kick in the pants you needed.

    And I’m pretty sure I just found my way here from your belongs-to-another good news, so double yay!

    Fingers crossed for you!

    – Liz

  7. J.P.-
    I’m so glad someone thought that was funny. :)

    Yeah, haha, I love meeting with you guys, I only skip for good reasons (like not being in the state, or you know, trying to make my dreams come true).

    You are a clever girl, hehehe.

  8. Congratulations!!! doesn’t it feel good? Looking forward to the day I can buy your book off Amazon…

    And yay for sleep. You crack me up!

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