Good tidings

The good GREAT news to which I referred yesterday.


I could not be more excited, proud, encouraged, inspired, and not-surprised. Because having read it, I knew Erin’s book was spectacular, and that she has a long and lively career ahead of her, and really, what agent wouldn’t want to share in that?

Erin and I have been in the trenches together for a couple years now, and this truly couldn’t have happened to a more deserving writer.

clubbing at Crimson 003
Me with the up-and-coming YA fantasy writer Erin Danehy

She’s smart, talented, beautiful, funny, nerdy, and fortunately for me, a great friend. Congrats, Erin! I know this is not the last time I’ll be spreading wonderful news about you.


  1. *dances and twirls*

    Aw! Aw! Thank you so much, Kristan. I wouldn’t have remained sane without you.

    Thanks for being vague before now. :P

    *twirls some more*

  2. That’s great! I hope her agent sells her book pronto! For meelyons and meelyons of dollars. Then I can say that I knew someone who knew her way back when!

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