Writerly Wednesday

I am an idiot. Despite my intense, extreme, borderline-embarrassing obsession, I have yet to read Mockingjay. Apparently I chose the wrong shipping option when I pre-ordered months ago. My book might get here tomorrow.


While I wait (and neurotically refresh the Track My Package page) I’ve been catching up on stories that I marked to read but never did, and oh hey, writing my new book.

If you’ve already finished Mockingjay (I hate you!) or haven’t gotten your copy yet either (poor us!) then you should check out these links:

  • Second, La Vita Nuova by Allegra Goodman. An excellent story, short and (bitter)sweet. I cried, and then I felt inspired to write short fiction again. Haven’t felt that way in quite a while…
  • Last but not least, T.S. Bazelli and her buds have started up Serial Central. Each author is assigned a day, and every week they continue their story. Awesome concept, awesome folks.

12 responses to “Writerly Wednesday”

  1. Erin Avatar

    Don’t hate me! *cries*

    You will get your book tomorrow and finish it tomorrow. 100 pages an hour, go!

    Though I think you’re on to something: writing YOUR BOOK sounds like the best possible way to pass the time.

    Now, back to mine! *runs*

  2. Sonja Avatar

    I’m totally okay with being hated. Mwahahahahaha!

    I’ve already done one and two on your list, and you’re right about two – it’s quite a good short story!

    PS Why didn’t you just get Mockingjay and read it on your iPad? I mean, I know you share the iPad with Andy, but surely he would let you borrow it for the one day it will take you to read Mockingjay! No matter, I’m hoping it arrives today. I’m looking forward to talking about it with you!

  3. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    Read your Planning a Book post! I know the feeling. I’m still working out my method. I tried outlining (major fail). I tried pantsting (also fail). This time I had more success with connect the dots, though I feel like the end result is more a blueprint than a finished piece.

    Thanks for the serial central plug! So far it’s been great getting to know everyone.

    Hehe I’m sure you’ll get the book any time now!

  4. Kimberly Franklin Avatar

    In the case of Mockingjay, I was too impatient to pre-order. I wanted it on the day it released! Though still, I haven’t finished yet. But I will leave you with this: IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD!

    Hope your package arrives soon!!!

  5. Aisha Avatar

    I love the Allegra Goodman story, I bookmarked her page on the NYT website cuz I want to read more from her :)

    Thanks for posting a link to it (well I got the link from your Twitter, but still)

  6. Shari Avatar

    WHOO for writing your new book! Could there possibly be any better way to occupy yourself while you wait for Mockingjay to arrive? One day people will be waiting by their front doors and refreshing the tracking page for YOUR newest novel ;-)

    I loved your post about planning. It’s so interesting to see how different writers approach it (and even how the same ones do from story to story). With my new novel, I’ve taken the connecting the dots approach. I had the main plot points outlined before I began (for the first time ever, I know exactly how I want the book to end), as well as character sketches, main themes, etc. As I’m writing, I’m definitely finding that the characters are developing more and more … ideas that I hadn’t even considered at the beginning are now ones I can’t envision the characters (or book) without. It’s such a fun process to have it all develop as the story unfolds!

    Good luck building that house! :-)

  7. Liz Czukas Avatar

    I got out of bed at 7am to go get my copy. It ROCKED! But just think, you’ll be savoring the experience while the rest of us are just sitting around wondering what the next big thing will be. Le sigh.

    Yay for new book writing. I vote you keep doing that.

    – Liz

  8. Lauren Avatar

    I got Mockingjay Monday. Half way through, trying not to rush it.

  9. Sarah Avatar

    Ack! No! Oh, I’m biting my tongue. Good to focus on your stuff. I think I’m in a daze right now. Going to check out your guest post. :)

  10. Kristan Avatar

    Pssh, I could never hate you.

    LOL you would be. And “my” iPad is nonexistent. I *thought* Andy and I would share, but we only do when we’re playing Scrabble against one another. Instead of getting to play with the shiny toy, I mostly have to be (and am) satisfied that he isn’t bugging me to use my laptop all the time anymore.

    Yeah, it’s all a matter of finding what works for you. Sounds like you’re narrowing in on it!

    Kimberly and Liz-
    Are y’all going to post about Mockingjay? I’d be curious to read more about what you thought.

    Wow, even *you* liked the story? Hehe, then I know it must be good. I feel like when our tastes overlap, it really says something. I mean, just look at the Spice Girls, right?!

    “One day people will be waiting by their front doors and refreshing the tracking page for YOUR newest novel ;-)”

    Oh lord, I really, REALLY hope so!

    Surprisingly, I didn’t rush through M the way I did HG and CF… I think because it was so much harder emotionally, I couldn’t. (But I still read it in a day, lol.)

    I’m going to email you now so we can dish!!

  11. Jon Avatar

    Wait, what’s the new book? Your audience wants to know!

  12. Kristan Avatar

    Jon, I think I mentioned it once briefly: basically it’s the YA dystopian/contemporary, full of Girl Power and lush exotic locations. :)