You didn’t think there was more, did you? Well, when we docked in Tampa after the cruise, Andy decided he still hadn’t seen enough marine life. (Plus we had like 8 hours to kill before our flight home.) So where did we go? Why, to the aquarium of course!

Day 6 Tampa 060

Seriously, he cracks me up. He’s like a kid when it comes to this stuff.

Fortunately for him, I like it too. And the Tampa aquarium had this great, color-changing jellyfish display. (Jellyfish are among my favorite things to photograph!)

Day 6 Tampa 065 Day 6 Tampa 066
Day 6 Tampa 068 Day 6 Tampa 070

Okay, The End for real now!

Actually, I could do 1 more travel recap — this past weekend I went to Pittsburgh and had a great time seeing friends and family — but I think I’ve gone on long enough, don’t you? Plus, with all this travel, I’ve totally thrown my writing routine out the window. It’s time to get back on track, and my blog, though it contains plenty of words, does not count.

12 responses to “Glug glug glug (cruise recap, part 3)”

  1. Jon Avatar

    Wow! I love the jellyfish pictures. They look slightly out of this world. For some reason, blue seems to suit them best.

    I wonder how the jellyfish feel about living in a disco, though…

  2. Les Avatar

    Oooooh neon!!!

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Love those pics. Yes, get back to work (or I might find another excuse to put off my writing too)!

  4. Sonja Avatar

    Jellyfish are fun to take pictures of. Tru dat! (Despite my latest birthday, I am still very young and hip.)

  5. Kimberly Franklin Avatar

    Oh man, those jellyfish are awesome! And they photograph so beautifully. I also loved the stingray picture from the other day. :)

  6. Trisha Avatar


  7. Joelle Avatar

    Cosmic, awesome creatures.

  8. Sherrie Petersen Avatar

    Great photos of the jellys! We love going to aquariums when we’re on vacation. But I’ve never gotten shots as good as those!

  9. Ingrid Avatar

    Awesome pix, Kristan! Your latest posts are really making me want to go on vacation…

  10. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    Great photos Kristan! I’m just catching up on your vacation posts now, and it looks like a fabulous time! I could do with a little sunshine and warm weather right now :D

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Jellys love to jam!

    I’ve been a good little writer girl the past couple of days.

    Fo shizzle.

    Pennsylvania, Carolina, China… ;)

  12. Brittney Avatar

    I loooooooove aquariums, so I would have been in heaven!