Viva Mexico (cruise recap, part 2)

Snorkeling with stingrays was the no-question, hands-down, unrivaled, most fantabulous part of our cruise. Any safety concerns I had were quickly brushed aside by our friendly, funny, knowledgeable guide, as well as the sweet stingrays we met. The one you see us holding below is Lupita, and the smaller one we held was Gabriel. There were a dozen others in the “encounter” area, and they rubbed against our ankles like affectionate cats when we had fish to feed them.

After the encounter, we snorkeled for a while, and I got to play with the waterproof bag Andy bought for our camera. (A few of the kayaking pictures were taken underwater, too.) I don’t want to ramble too long — it’s a Friday, after all — but I will say that Cozumel and its marine life were incredibly beautiful, and my Spanish was embarrassingly rusty.

Day 4 Everybody Loves Rays 012 Day 4 Everybody Loves Rays 013
Day 4 Cozumel 014
Day 4 Cozumel 018 Day 4 Cozumel 010
Day 4 Cozumel 039 Day 4 Cozumel 053

Last but not least, towel animals (because everybody loves those) and the main atrium of our ship (because I thought the vertical photo-stitch turned out pretty neat):

Day 5 at sea towel animal stitch
Day 5 at sea lobby stitch


  1. The swimming with stingrays does look very cool. I have an underwater housing for one of my cameras, too. Underwater pictures rock!

  2. You already know how I feel about stingrays…but, you guys look so relaxed so it must have been cool. Okay no. I think I would have freaked to have some slimy fish graze my leg! Get out, Kristan! Get out while you still have legs!

  3. Snorkeling with the stingrays looks like it was such a great experience. It’s amazing how gentle they can be. And TOO CUTE with the towel animals! How long did they take to make?

  4. Beautiful photos and am so happy that you and Andy had a great time. I think I have been reading your blog for over two years, and I still think you look about 14 in your photos ; -)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love that sunset shot.

    We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and our ten-year anniversary and both times the food was amazing. But my favorite snorkeling and scuba diving without a doubt was Maui. I really need to go back there some day…

  6. you are a far braver soul than i, i don’t think i could ever swim with stingrays! although that water does look beautiful :)

    my mom just got back from a cruise and she was telling me aaalllll about the animal towels too haha.

  7. Glad you had a great time on the cruise. I could get into the swimming with the stingrays. It’s the whole cruise thing to get there that would freak me out. I know I’ve got some odd phobias. I’ll just to cruise vicariously through my brave friends. :)

  8. Cozumel looks absolutely beautiful! Nice pics!

    Is it weird that I’ve never heard of towel animals before this post? What are they?

  9. Erin-
    Oh shoot, I think the bat wins. That is SERIOUSLY COOL.

    You made me LOL!

    Thanks, I love that shot.

    Um, it took me 0 seconds, because I did not make them… I think like a couple min?

    LOL I hope you’re saying that 20 yrs from now?

    Not *weird* but surprising? They are pretty self explanatory, aren’t they?! “Towel” “animals”? :P But you get a new one in your room every night after they come to make your bed and clean your bathroom and stuff.

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