Only in Chinatown

Houston 003

Does that look like something you would eat? (Well, I suppose in Chinatown, anything goes.)

I’m in Houston this weekend for my mom’s birthday. What are y’all up to?

Like this:


Writer's high


Preserved in pictures


  1. It looks like jelloooooooooo, and I wish I were in Chinatown with you guys…

  2. Uh…true confessions:

    When I lived in Taiwan, I literally ate some potpourri. I thought it was cinnamon candy. That sign was probably a direct result of me.

  3. Albie-
    I wish you were too!

    K. Marie-
    ZOMG that is HILARIOUS!!!! I just lol-ed for realz.

  4. My sister-in-law had a green version hanging around and my son, three at the time, went right for it. He was convinced! Luckily, my wife was too quick for him to sample it. :)

  5. haha that totally ruins the air freshener by putting a sign on it. but… i wouldn’t put it past some people to think it’s candy. i’m sure a lot of kids have learned the hard way.

  6. i don’t think they actually learn, though… play-doh, crayon, and glue really do NOT taste that good, but they continue to eat them anyway!

  7. this is *awesome*

  8. That’s hilarious. They must have had an incident with a little kid.

  9. Scott-
    I guess a sign like this wouldn’t really help deter a child. :P

    Yeah, they don’t worry about aesthetics so much in Chinatown, lol.

    Good point.

  10. Those are cute plants! Anyway, sometimes some people need reminders…

  11. Hey Young One. I’m getting around to reading blogs, which is not something I have been able to do for a couple weeks straight.

    Have a great trip home and be thankful it is your mom and not mine you are visiting ; -)

  12. Maddy-
    Yep, it never hurts to reinforce common sense. ;P

    Haha, thanks, will do.

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