My 2010 Turkey Day list

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate, then Happy Regular Old Thursday!

Here are just a few of things for which I am grateful (in no particular order):

  • The beautiful, healthy babies that my friends and cousins have produced
  • My writing buddies/crit partners, who offer the perfect combination of cheerleading and editing
  • The opportunities I’ve had this year, and the resulting growth
  • The unwavering support of my parents, boyfriend, and workplace
  • Yogurt with granola, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, and mango smoothies
  • Watching my sister marry the love of her life
  • A fabulous weekend in New York City with two amazing girlfriends
  • Dog Days at work
  • The “It Gets Better” Project

There’s more, of course, but if I listed everything I was grateful for, we’d be here forever. What’s on your list this year? (If you blogged as well, feel free to link in the comments.)

12 responses to “My 2010 Turkey Day list”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Awwwwwwww. I’m really touched to have made the list. I’m really grateful that you were there with me (and made such a beautiful speech) when I married the love of my life. :-D

  2. Marci Avatar

    I’m grateful for internet on this bus to NYC!

    And for friends, family, nice co-workers, my tutor position, and my cat.

    Oh, and I’m very grateful that I’m marrying my best friend. That’s pretty cool too.

    Have a good holiday!

  3. Shari Avatar

    I love reading everyone’s lists today! They just have to make you smile. Happy Thanksgiving, Kristan!! :-)

  4. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving Kristan!

  5. Sonja Avatar

    I’m thankful for my children and my partner and all the support and freedom I have to learn new things. I’m very fortunate.

    I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  6. Jon Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving! Good points all around.

  7. Rachele Alpine Avatar

    Dog days at work has to be the greatest thing I’ve ever heard of. Seriously, I may quit my job and come work in your office just so I can participate!

  8. Aisha Avatar

    Hmm, just off the top of my head:

    My job
    My new friends/co-workers
    My old friends ;)
    Living in a city that experiences such vibrant seasons (they truly are breathtaking)
    The ability to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm in a decent French voice-over with French subtitles (even though they don’t match)

  9. Kristan Avatar


    AWWWW. (I swear you’ve become such a sap… It’s cute!) (Or wait, maybe it’s just the nature of Thanksgiving? Well, you can blame it on that, anyway.)

    YES, I love seasons! Also the random wildlife (mainly deer, bunnies, and raccoons) that I see in our neighborhood.

  10. Les Avatar

    I’m thankful I still have my sanity and a working computer I suppose? But to be fair, Canadian Thanksgiving was in October :p

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Ooo, Canadians DO celebrate Thanksgiving? I thought Americans were the only ones.

  12. Sherrie Petersen Avatar

    What a great list! I hope you had a fabulous holiday :)