Quick holiday recap

Day 1: Cold and rainy Thanksgiving. Introductions. Riverboat cruise. Mashed potatoes and stuffing. Showing off Riley’s tricks.

Day 2: Half Day Cafe for brunch. Cincinnati History Museum. AMAZING replicas/models. Trains and architecture. Via Vite for dinner. Light Up the Square (by chance). Graeter’s ice cream. Fireworks.

Thanksgiving with the folks 006

Day 3: Leftovers for brunch. Graeter’s ice cream. Lots of fun with Google Street View. University of Cincinnati architecture. Jammed rear brake caliper. Emergency auto service. The P&G towers. Local 127 for dinner. Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Thanksgiving with the folks 038

Thanksgiving with the folks 057

Day 4: Drive to airport. Drive to hotel. Drive to auto repair shop. Drive to Barleycorn’s to watch the Buffalo Bills game. (Turns out it was on regular TV too.) Crushing loss to the Steelers. Back home to recuperate.

Today: No energy for a real blog. :P

12 responses to “Quick holiday recap”

  1. Kim Franklin Avatar

    Sounds like you had a fun, busy holiday! Have fun recuperating.

  2. Sonja Avatar

    I think you need a vacation from your long holiday weekend. I’m tired just reading all that. Whew. Sounds like you had fun, though.

  3. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    :D It still takes energy to put up photos. Lovely as usual!

  4. Shari Avatar

    Sounds – and looks – like you had a wonderful holiday weekend! :)

  5. Trisha Avatar

    What!? No engagement. Damn, lost the pool.

  6. Jon Avatar

    That city replica from the Cincinnati History Museum looks really cool. I think every town should have a tiny equivalent.

  7. Sarah Avatar

    Just wanted to say that Troy is my boyfriend. GO STEELERS! (seriously, my dad’s family is from Buffalo/Syracuse and it’s always bittersweet when our teams play each other).

    All of your fun Thanksgiving activities are what we’ll be doing with Granny in a couple of weeks. :) Glad you survived. Must brace for impact.

  8. Joelle Avatar

    And here I thought that holidays were supposed to be restful. lol

  9. Kristan Avatar

    Kim, Sonja, Joelle-
    Thanks, haha, yeah, we loaded it up. Not sure how much recovery time we’re really getting this week… but I’m looking forward to a nap on Saturday!

    Well tell your boyfriend to get a freaking haircut. Also, not to intercept our ball. :(

    Haha, nope. I don’t think Andy’s going to do it when/how people expect. As in, he’s going to go out of his way to do it when/how people WON’T expect.

  10. Kristan Avatar

    Oh, and I agree, Jon: all cities should have tiny versions of themselves made! It’s SO cool.

  11. Aisha Avatar

    I love that first pic!

    Hehe I think I know when Andy’ll do it, but I’d rather not say and spoil it ;)

  12. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, I look forward to finding out (eventually) if you guessed right. I honestly have no clue…