1. What pretty cookies … something tells me they tasted as good as they look :-)

    Hope you had a fabulous first day that was filled with writing frenzies and many sparks of inspiration!

  2. Hi Kristan! Congratulations! I’m totally jealous! When you get a chance, please tell me what the secret is to being able to quit a day job. Lottery tix? Credit card debt? Mysterious secret admirer sending support?
    PS – also — did you design this site yourself? It’s fabulous!

  3. Hey Kristan! I’m glad you stumbled across my blog and I’m glad I found yours! Looking forward to seeing how your journey unfolds! Best wishes!

  4. Sharon-
    Haha, none of the above. Basically my parents had saved some money for me to go to college, and I didn’t end up using it all (thanks to scholarships and loans) so that’s what I’m dipping into now. I would never, NEVER have done this if it meant going into debt. A secret admirer, however, wouldn’t hurt… ;P

    And yes, I designed this site myself. Thanks! Design (especially for web) is a hobby of mine.

  5. Congratulations! Good for you! A bold and exciting new step. I wish you good fortune and happiness. Lucky dog you’ve got there, gets to have a stay-at-home mommy. ;)

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