Do you Like me, do you really Like me?

A while back, I talked about my “social media dilemma.” A lot of you had very insightful things to say, and after thinking them over, as well as reading this post about Facebook pages, I went ahead and took the plunge.

So… click below to Like me?

I’m not gonna lie, setting up a page for myself felt a bit… Odd. Narcissistic, I suppose. But I hope y’all know me well enough to know that this isn’t about ego. Bottom line: I just wanted some separation between Personal Facebook and Writing Facebook.

Now friends and family don’t have to read all about the writing stuff unless they want to. And now my writing friends (and hopefully future fans?) won’t be bombarded with 900 pictures of my dog. Everybody wins!

Of course there will be some overlap between the two audiences, and that’s fine. I will do my best not to double-post. And to that point, both Personal FB and Writing FB are managed by yours truly, so the interactions are completely genuine. My Writing FB will not be just about promotion.

(But don’t worry, both groups will hear about nothing else if/when I get published. :P)

Other things the Writing FB will include:

  • blog feed (since it’s mostly writing-related)
  • book giveaways (because I’m out of shelf space)
  • “Writerly Wednesday”-type things that don’t make it to the blog
  • other cool stuff TBD

Anyway, just a heads-up about what I did and why. Hope to see you there!


  1. OK, I liked the page. As the forty-eighth person to like you, can I get some sort of prize package/giveaway? Maybe I’ll de-like (not dislike!) and wait until fifty. XD

  2. Great idea, Kristen. I “liked” you, too! Way to go with your social media platform. It’s obvious that you are steadily building your reader base. You are GOING places, girlfriend! :)

  3. Jon-
    Haha, I’m not giving out prizes for benchmarks… but I’ll do a book giveaway soon. I have a bunch that I liked but will never reread, and a bunch that might be good but I will just never get around to reading. Considering there are only 48 people, your odds are good!

  4. I clicked “like, like, like!” I think that’s a really good idea to have a spot for writing information and one for personal. Good plan! I may have to copy that! :)

  5. I liked you twice from my different FB accounts :) I think it’s great you took the plunge. I have created my page, but haven’t advertised it (well, except briefly on my blog) or started using it yet. MY dilemma is that I already have a second FB profile for that purpose, and I’ll be sad to say good-bye to it. At the same time, I can’t manage three FB pages! So I’m holding tight for another week or so and then I’ll probably join you in the deep end of the pool.

  6. Awesome! I like finding out how you came about to the decision and MilesMaria’s interview on Meghan’s blog is brilliant. It solves a few problems with keeping personal and professional separate. Thanks!

  7. Meghan-
    Yay, thank you! I am doubly Liked. :) I agree that 3 FB pages is overload… I get “dizzy” with just 2! But I AM liking the separation already. And strangely I think my Writing FB is going to become the dominant one… I guess that shows my priorities in life? :P

    NO idea. I think crazy runs in families, though. :P

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