• The humidity makes it very difficult to stay smelling fresh.
  • 7-lane freeways rule.
  • Real traffic sucks.
  • “Y’all” is not a weird thing to say.
  • All those songs I loved in high school? Yeah, they’re still awesome. (I swear, one of the radio stations here is stuck in a time warp.)

I’m back home for my friend Mary’s wedding, and I’ve had the good fortune to get to see a few other friends as well. (Ding and Aisha I was expecting, but Julia was a pleasant surprise!) Not to mention time with my family. The front end of the trip has been busy — the good kind! — but after the marital festivities tomorrow, things should calm down. I’m looking forward to writing, watching the Oscars, and more yoga with my mom.

Unrelated: This is super mushy, but it’s also well-written, and almost exactly how I feel after 5 years with Andy.

8 responses to “Things I forgot about Houston”

  1. Shari Avatar

    Seven lane freeways?

    I. WOULD. CRY.

    Enjoy the wedding and your time at home!

  2. Les Avatar

    I hate freeways. Haaaate.
    Enjoy your trip home.
    I say y’all on a daily basis and I’m Canadian. How messed up is that?

  3. Sarah Avatar

    It IS mushy, but you have the Houston humidity as an excuse. :)

  4. Elissa J. Hoole Avatar

    omg seven lanes of freeway makes me have seven panic attacks abreast…

    ;) (also awwwwwwww.)

  5. Jon Avatar

    Lol. You should come to LA–eight and ten lane highways and still LA traffic! You’d love it.

  6. Kristan Avatar

    LOL, everyone is afraid of the freeways… Well, everyone except Jon. I don’t think I want to experience LA traffic though.

  7. Meghan Ward Avatar

    I love freeways! They’re so much faster than surface roads. Although yes, LA freeways can be pretty sucky, especially the 405 during rush hour. I hope you had fun at the wedding and got some more yoga in.

  8. RTW Avatar

    Yay freeways! Boo rush hour.

    @Jon and Meghan, only in LA would someone have a favorite freeway/interchange– and I have to confess mine is the 105E to 110N flyover where you can see all of downtown and the Hollywood sign on a clear day.

    Um, did I just out myself as a not-quite-NorCal girl? oops.