Hmm, maybe that should be “Free books, and vampires,” since I am not giving away vampires for free. Not for money either. To be clear, there will be no giving away of vampires whatsoever.


Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)

Apparently I will be going through these vacation photos FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, so I’ve decided to reverse the order of the posts I had in mind. Instead of Galapagos recaps and then a book giveaway, I’m doing the book giveaway now. As in, right now. First up is ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis. You have 1 week. Ready, set, go!

Also, this morning I learned that the miserable itchy bumps I got in the Galapagos were not in fact heat rash. No, they were a much more ominous sounding ailment: Polymorphous Light Eruption. In plain English that means “unpredictable shapes/lumps/yucky things that explode on your skin thanks to the hot hot sun.” Awesome, no? Another nickname for PMLE is “the vampire disease,” since it technically means you are allergic to the sun. Great. Couldn’t I just sparkle instead?

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