Free books and vampires

Hmm, maybe that should be “Free books, and vampires,” since I am not giving away vampires for free. Not for money either. To be clear, there will be no giving away of vampires whatsoever.


Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)

Apparently I will be going through these vacation photos FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, so I’ve decided to reverse the order of the posts I had in mind. Instead of Galapagos recaps and then a book giveaway, I’m doing the book giveaway now. As in, right now. First up is ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis. You have 1 week. Ready, set, go!

Also, this morning I learned that the miserable itchy bumps I got in the Galapagos were not in fact heat rash. No, they were a much more ominous sounding ailment: Polymorphous Light Eruption. In plain English that means “unpredictable shapes/lumps/yucky things that explode on your skin thanks to the hot hot sun.” Awesome, no? Another nickname for PMLE is “the vampire disease,” since it technically means you are allergic to the sun. Great. Couldn’t I just sparkle instead?


  1. Aw man…and here I really thought you were going to give away free vampires! Grrr!

    Found your blog from T.S. Bazelli…such wonderful energy you have here…keep up the great work!


    ;] hee!

    Instead of sparkling, you could “glow,” which is really just a girly way of saying that you’re sweaty.

  3. Maybe “Vampires and Free Books” would have cleared up the confusion. I think a comma in there isn’t right. Of course, I realize you were going for The Funny, but just saying.

    I’m going to tell my kids that I know who’s been eating that deer now. You!

  4. E.J.-
    Lol sorry, maybe next time. (Note to self: acquire vampires.) Thanks!

    LOL WOW. That’s simultaneously sweet and ridiculous. You’re very witty, did you know that?

    It makes me a shoe-in for publishing, right??

    I seriously thought about emailing you about it… but yes, I was going for the funny, so I let it go.

  5. For real? You’re allergic to the sun? And you just found out? Ugh. Big bummer (but kind of good because now you won’t get skin cancer from staying in the sun too much). I hope it gets better soon. And I want a free vampire, too!

  6. I’ve had minor reactions before, but nothing like what happened in Galapagos. And actually, a lot of people have sun allergies, but because the symptoms resolve themselves quickly (most of the time), people don’t bother to get diagnosed.

    Ack, that’s 3 orders for vampires! I don’t know where I’m going to source these things…

  7.…I’m sorry about your bumps. That sounds a bit painful. Hopefully they don’t last too long. Remember, if you feel the need for blood, you can make the right choice and hunt animals instead of humans. If Edward can do it, so can you! :)

  8. Rachele-
    They’re already gone, thank goodness. Only took like 3 days for the bumps to go away. Then my skin was just blotchy and dry. Now (a week after we came back) it’s 97% normal.

    And yes, I think if I were a vampire, I would definitely try to be adopted by the Cullen clan. :)

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