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13 responses to “Honkytonkin'”

  1. Jon Avatar

    I love the last photo! Hilarious. Where did you come across that?

  2. Kristan Avatar

    I said “all y’all” once in freshman year, and all my floormates laughed. BUT IT’S TRUE.

    There were a bunch of handkerchiefs like that, with jokey Southern-isms, in a shop on Broadway.

  3. Ingrid Avatar

    Great photos, Kristan. Is that second one in the Grand Ole Opry Hotel? I think I was there when I was 11 or something– it looks so familiar! Talk to y’all later ;)

  4. Sonje Avatar

    Where can you get better boots? Tennessee or Texas?

  5. Joelle Wilson Avatar

    Great photos. Really like the close up of the flower. And you can just smell the leather in the boots. lol. The all glass atrium (?) roof angle feels like movement.

  6. Brian Buckley Avatar

    These photos really are beautiful. Also, mad props for whoever spelled “y’all” correctly in the last photo. I see “ya’ll” a lot and it drives my inner editor crazy every time.

  7. Giora Avatar

    Beautiful photos of the hotel.
    Kristan, I read your comments on a few blogs and came to say hello. Reading that you are also partly from Taiwan ..Did you write, or plan to write, any YA novel set in Taiwan or China? Thanks and best wishes from Canada.

  8. Kristan Avatar

    Yup, photos 2-4 are from the Gaylord Opryland hotel. It’s gorgeous.

    I have to say Texas, since it’s in my blood, but the real answer is that I don’t know. I would imagine any Southern state has great boots, since they are actually used/needed.

    Thank you! And YES, omg, I know. People and apostrophes… {shakes head}

    Hi, and thank you! Yes, the novel I’m working on now is set in China (or a version of it, anyway).

  9. Meghan Ward Avatar

    I’ve heard that “all y’all” expression before – so awesome. And wonderful photos. My fav is the cowboy boots, but they’re all great. (My 3-yr-old son, btw, doesn’t understand why cowboys ride horses, not cows.)

  10. Murat Avatar

    My favorite photo is the one with palm trees, pool and great white building with attractive architecture.

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Your son is wise beyond his years!

  12. Pseudo Avatar

    wonderful shots Kristan. I love them all, but the paints and cowboy boots are my favorite.

  13. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, Pseudo!