Six years (ish)

If you couldn’t tell from the last couple posts, my friend and I took a bajillion pictures in Nashville. Even pictures of taking pictures! How very meta of us.

Nashville 142

I have to admit, it got a bit tedious to stop and pose and smile every five minutes. But I’m so glad my friend made me, because now I have a wonderful record of all the things we did and saw. And for someone with a lazy lousy memory, that really comes in handy!

I’m also glad I wasn’t the only one carrying a camera (as I often am). My friend managed to capture several great shots of me and Andy, something I always wish we had more of. In fact, I’ve told him before, even though we don’t want a “real wedding” (in the hundreds-of-guests, big-poofy-white-dress sense) I most definitely do want engagement and wedding photos. Fancy ones.

These will do for now though.

Nashville - Mengfei's pics 050

Nashville - Mengfei's pics 061

Nashville - Mengfei's pics 056


  1. Congrats on 6-ish years! Now I can keep track of how many years you and Andy have been together because you two apparently hooked up when I produced my firstborn from my loins.

    And yes, pictures are good. Which reminds me that I need to get back into the habit of taking more pictures..

  2. Whaaa?? No, I wouldn’t/won’t be so cryptic about something like that! Also, I would get FAAAAANCY pictures, lol. These are just nice pictures. :P

  3. PS: I’m guessing Sonje means loins and not lions. Or at least, I hope she did. Otherwise pregnancy is even scarier than I thought…

    Good to know, Sarah! (Maybe she can take author headshots for us? ;))

  4. Oh my gosh…I totally thought you were engaged too with the post! I was going to do the happy dance. Wait…I’ll do it anyways…six year…hoo-rah!

  5. Such sweet pictures! We have virtually no pics of us as a couple or the three of us as a family – my husband is *always* behind the camera (mad keen photographer) so we have great pics of our son and that’s about it – he’s going to wonder where his parents were growing up!

    And am totally with you on the no proper wedding thing. That’s how I always felt and we had a small casual thing and it was perfect. Stick to that plan! And congrats on six years. You are actually ahead of my husband and I by a year!

  6. PS The lions thing is not so far from the truth … the pain is a bit like a lion is tearing you apart, IMHO. Until the drugs kick in … not that I’m trying to put you off reproducing entirely. You need to have children so you can (re)discover all kinds of cool books! Mine is *obsessed* with books now and I love it!

  7. Amanda-
    Exactly! I’m never in our vacation pictures because I’m always the one taking them. I need to get better about handing the camera off to someone else.

    Thanks. :) Yup, small and casual (tiny really) is what we’re thinking of.

    Lol (sort of) about the lion.

    Thanks, we will!

  8. Sweet photos.Really like the reflection one. You could always use the reflection part of it as a unique header photo. (lol)

  9. It’s always nice to have updated ‘couple’ photos! Especially when they can be casual like these ones, and not staged!

    Looks like a beautiful spot!

  10. Your image isn’t totally off. That’s a very specific part of Nashville — the Cheekwood gardens. Most of Nashville isn’t that pretty. (But I don’t mean that in a bad way, just… honest.)

  11. Nice! Congratulations! Such nice photos…and look at all that damn beauty! I don’t think I’ve been outside in months…it’s been hovering around 105+ here for the whole summer. Although, looking at the forecast we have a cold front on the way…it should get down to the nineties by the end of the week yeah!!

  12. Ooh congrats! Great photos. :) And I totally agree with you about the fancy engagement/wedding photos. I’m always telling my friends I don’t want to get married or engaged just yet, but I’m dying to go on a photo shoot with a cute guy!

  13. So what are you celebrating by the way? These are great shots; memory alone is none enough to treasure such beautiful scenery. Keep up the good work Kristan, so young and already so talented.

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