I haven’t done one of these in a while, eh? Well, what better time to load you up with links than right before a long weekend. You’ll have lots of time to read, right? Right.

(Don’t worry, there’s actually only 3, and they’re all great.)

1. Nathan Bransford (formerly a literary agent, currently an author and internet expert) contradicts popular online wisdom by saying: YOU ARE NOT A BRAND.

… brand sorcery used to work in the TV era, but not anymore. The Internet doesn’t tolerate a false front. It loves loves loves nothing more than to expose the truth and stomp all over “brands,” as Tiger Woods and Anthony Weiner have discovered all too keenly.

The only, and I mean only way to approach a world of social media is with honesty, transparency, and authenticity. You can’t fake out the Internet for long.

2. Author Lynne Barrett tells you exactly what magazine editors want, and how you can become it. There’s no bit that’s particularly lovely or quote-able — the WHOLE thing is an invaluable rundown of the submissions process. Seriously, everything I learned in 2-3 years of trial and error, she condensed into 4 pages. Read it.

3. I don’t know much about Chuck Wendig, except that his list “25 Things You Should Know About Self-Publishing” is absolutely spot on. Also: brutally honest, and a tad vulgar, but in a funny way.

2. Not Better, Not Worse, Just Different
Publishing your own work is no magic bullet; it guarantees nothing and is not a “better” or “smarter” way to go than the more traditional route. It’s also not a worse path. Each path has its own thorns and rocks, just as each path offers its own staggering vistas and exhilarating hikes.

7. Your Book Is a Boat Which Must Ride Upon Sewage
Those ass-tastic self-published books are your competition. But they’re the competition of any author.

8. Pinocchio Wants To Be A Real Boy, Goddammit
Treat your book like a real book. […] Make it look nice. Sound nice. Read nice. Force the book to command the credibility and respect that others of its ilk are lacking.

Enjoy the wisdom. Also: the long weekend. Anyone have fun plans?

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