Things I am supposed to do this month:
• Finish my manuscript — for reals.
• Start querying agents.

Things I am not supposed to do this month:
• Redesign my website.

Guess which one I’ve been working on today?

(In fairness, I’ve only been sketching ideas. And that’s all I’m going to do. Yep. Uh huh. Sure.)

I’m blaming my lack of focus on vacation brain. Over the long weekend, we took Andy’s brother to Chicago. It was his first time there, so we made sure to pack in as much fun (and calories) as humanly possible. More on that to come.

For now it’s back to the usual post-vacation drudgery: laundry, unpacking, catching up on emails/blogs, uploading photos, grocery shopping, and wondering how on earth you ever get anything done.

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