Scraping the sky

I didn’t want to post all these pictures right after the Nashville ones, but I think enough time has passed now. It’s hard to believe, actually, that it’s been 10 days since Andy and I took his brother to Chicago. It seems simultaneously like just yesterday, and forever ago.

We had a great weekend, full of laughter and calories. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of Baby Wants Candy, the musical comedy improv show we saw on Friday, nor of Second City or Blue Man Group. Here are some highlights from the rest of the trip, though:

Chicago with the Butlers 053
Tall Building #1 (John Hancock Tower)

Chicago with the Butlers 077
I’m a bug! (Field Museum)

Chicago with the Butlers 094
It’s not a trip to Chicago without a visit to the Lego store.

Chicago with the Butlers 096
Andy and I tried to make a Lego version of his uncle Keith.

Chicago with the Butlers 109
Buckingham Fountain

Chicago with the Butlers 124
Tall Building #2 (Sears Tower) – The wait is ridiculous, but so is the view.

Chicago with the Butlers 129

Chicago with the Butlers 131

Chicago with the Butlers 135


  1. That fountain is positively beautiful. What a sight it must have been in person. And the views from the Sears Tower! They are truly outstanding. Did you feel like you were on top of the world?!

    So glad you had a wonderful time :)

  2. Great pictures although I have to tell you that last one makes me feel nauseous. I am afraid (perhaps terrified) of heights, and even seeing a picture of someone up high like that gives me the willies. You would never catch me in a photo like that. NEVER.

  3. Ooh, neat photos! You look so cute. :D I remember seeing the Blue Man Group when I was in Chicago years and years ago. Glad you had a great time!

  4. KrisTAN! That last photo scares me to death! shivers. Great pics, though. I lived in Chicago for a couple of years after college. Fun times. (But I never went to the Lego store…oops!)

  5. Honestly, guys? I’m not even afraid of heights, typically, and that glass box got my heart POUNDING.

    To be honest, I was only up there for like 15 min, and 10 of them were spent in line to take the picture in the clear glass box. So no, I didn’t really get to appreciate being at the top of the world. (But I DID feel that way at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!)

    Hancock because there was no wait, lol.

  6. Last time I was in Chicago — not real recently — I also went to the top of the John Hancock building. And staring down at the sidewalks, I was struck by the fact that all the people below looked like ants. But it wasn’t because they were so small. It was because of the giant pieces of bread they were all carrying on their backs.

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