A funny thought

When I was a kid, my parents used to call me Chatterbox. Because I could talk. A LOT.

(Still can, still do. Just ask Andy.)

Sometimes my rambling was so bad that my dad would say, “If you can’t tell a story in two minutes or less, then I don’t want to hear it.”

And yet I still grew up to be a novelist.

9 responses to “A funny thought”

  1. Natalia Sylvester Avatar

    That’s so sweet and cute and hilarious at the same time. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Trisha Avatar

    Well, you can look at that a couple of ways. Your dad was interested in helping you hone your ability to tell a concise, structured story. This skill enabled you to grow into a successful novelist. Or, what a jerk! What kind of a parent wouldn’t cherish the ramblings of an excited child telling a story?!

  3. Sonje Avatar

    What? You mean you were a child who didn’t listen to your parents and do whatever they said?

  4. Les Avatar

    Hah. I call that “telling me how the clock is built when I ask for the time” :p

  5. Amanda Kendle Avatar

    Oops. My parents called me the same thing. Unfortunately my father was more patient than yours, or, more likely, had a highly-developed ability to tune out but make it appear he was listening, and so I still have this problem with being long-winded and rambling.

    Kind of like this comment, which is probably already longer than your post. Again, oops.

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Can it be both? Lol.

    Oh, you might be surprised. I wasn’t a trouble child by any means, but I wasn’t a perfect angel. My mouth was usually the source of my troubles.

    HAHA I love that phrase! Never heard it before but it’s great.

    LOL well it was a short post. But yeah, I think my mom did a lot of tuning me out. I can’t blame her.

  7. Joelle Wilson Avatar

    A story in two minutes or less? I guess he was challenging you to write (speak) flash fiction. :)

  8. Sarah Wedgbrow Avatar

    …and I feel your dad’s pain. (with my 10-year old). I do think it’s karma for my own chatty self. Perhaps his “guidance” to two-minute stories is what sparked the idea of “crafting” stories, as is the novelist’s job.
    …love this post!!

  9. linda Avatar

    Haha, so cute! Said very concisely, too. :)