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2. Today I’m over at Writer Unboxed talking about bad/blah books and why I’ve learned to put them down. Some people come to this realization more quickly than I did, especially with bad books. But I want to stress here that I’m including BLAH books now too — the ones that are oh-kaay, and you kind of want to know what happens, but you’re just not enjoying reading them. For me, those are much harder to put down than flat-out bad books, but just as important to abandon (if not more so). Read the post to find out why.

3 responses to “Two quick things before I go walk my dog”

  1. Pseudo Avatar

    When I am reading a blah book these days, I skip ahead and read the last couple of chapters. That way it does not haunt me, but I can move on to a better book.

  2. Torie Michelle Avatar

    My bookshelf and I are so excited! lol

    I tried to read a blah (arguably, bad) book this year, but I’ve been on page 60 for months. The characters just weren’t developing fully, and I have little interest in knowing what happens to them. Though, I’m pretty certain I predicted how it all ends in chapter two.

  3. Kristan Avatar

    Yep, I’ve started skimming just to see how things go. First sentence of each paragraph tends to get the point across in much less time. :P

    Lol good!

    “I’ve been on page 60 for months.” – Ugh. I’ve been there before too. And I always tell myself I’m going to go back, but I never do. (Except once, with The Book Thief, and that was totally worth it.)