Just call me Geller

Congrats, Torie Michelle, you win both of the September giveaway books! (Check your email, please.) Big thanks for participating. And the rest of you, seriously, you don’t want free books? I blame Amazon for finally allowing Kindle library borrowing.

The other day I read someone’s Twitter bio and laughed. Then I thought, Maybe I should change my bio to something funnier. But wait, I’m not good at funny! “Sorry, I don’t do funny.” Would that be funny? No, it wouldn’t… I guess my Twitter bio is okay. I mean, it’s friendly. And honest. And that pretty much sums me up.

This happens from time to time. This desire to be funny — or pretty — to be memorable, really — creeps up on me occasionally. But I’m not that person. I’m not Rachel Green, the fashionable, sexy girl that everyone hits on. And I’m not Chandler, with his sarcastic jokes, or Joey and Phoebe, with their silly quirks. I’m not the instant or usual favorite.

No, I’m Monica and Ross. I’m a Geller.

I’m a little bit nerd, a little bit weird. I don’t always say the right thing, and when I’m passionate about something, I can come on kind of strong. (Or awkward.) I’m close with my family, borderline spoiled, proud of my intelligence, yet surprisingly dumb/dense about things.

I also have shiny brown hair.

Basically, I’m someone you have to get to know in order to love. But once you do, we’ll probably be friends for life! That’s just how I roll.

And I’m okay with all that. Because contrary to what it sometimes feels like, life is NOT a popularity contest. At the end of the day, your happiness and self-worth are not going to be determined by the number of Twitter followers you have, or Facebook friends, or RSS subscribers, or daily pageviews, or whatever. Those are not the measurements that count. In fact, most of what counts can’t be measured at all.

(For example, it’s not the number of real life friends you have either. What matters is the quality of the relationships in your life, not the quantity.)

So embrace who you are. Even if who you are isn’t funny or pretty or retweet-worthy. Be memorable in your own way. Be you.

19 responses to “Just call me Geller”

  1. gingermandy Avatar

    I think you’re pretty rad just how you are! Do you, girl.

  2. Laura Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this! Somehow listening to other people talk about how comfortable they are with themselves makes everyone else feel so much better! So your awkwardness is a good thing, because it helps other people! (And don’t worry, I’m awkward too) Anyway, great post :)

  3. Aisha Avatar

    OMG so weird JUST this morning (or last night?) I was thinking of how annoying Chandler was and how if I had to date one of the guys from Friends it would be Ross, but I would constantly be looking for someone better lol. No real reason behind this comment, except to point out this psychological connection between us :P

  4. Sonje Avatar

    There are no bad characters on Friends, so finding yourself in any of them is a good thing.

  5. Shari Avatar

    Love, love, love everything about this post!!

    (And I happen to think you’re awesome just the way you are!) :)

  6. Trisha Avatar


  7. Ingrid Avatar

    “What matters is the quality of the relationships in your life, not the quantity.”

    Well said.

    You rock, Kristan!

  8. Joelle Wilson Avatar

    When I saw the title I was thinking why call you gel? Or maybe that geller was some new term for gellin’. Until I read, then I had the ‘Oh that’s what that means’ moment. lol. Great post. :)

  9. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, everyone!

    So glad to hear it. Hey, we birds of an awkward feather have to flock together. ;)

    Aw, actually Chandler’s my favorite, lol. Him and Monica, which is why I was so glad they ended up together!!

    Tru dat.

  10. Sarah Wedgbrow Avatar

    Oh, I like them Geller’s. And you’re the best one I know. :)

  11. Sherrie Petersen Avatar

    Oh, man, I am totally the same way! Funny is hard! Just one more reason why I think we’d get on famously in real life :)

  12. Amanda Kendle Avatar

    I’m totally a Geller too. I guess that’s why I like you :-)

  13. Kristan Avatar

    Oh yay, Geller love! I wonder if writers are more Geller-friendly…

  14. Meghan Ward Avatar

    I’ve read the post and still don’t know what a Geller is – so I guess I’m a little slow! And there’s no better person in the world to be than yourself! Thanks for keeping it real!

  15. Kristan Avatar

    Lol Geller is Ross and Monica’s last name. Have you really never seen Friends??

  16. Meghan Ward Avatar

    I have seen Friends! Several times :) But I totally forgot that Ross and Monica were brother and sister. Friends became popular while I lived in Europe, so I didn’t watch that many episodes. Thanks for clarifying!

  17. Kristan Avatar

    Oh sure, haha, blame Europe. :P

    (J/k. That’s totally fair.)

  18. Meghan Ward Avatar

    When I would come home to visit, I’d say, “What’s Bay Watch? Who’s Greenday? What are the Red Hot Chili Peppers? And why is everyone saying, “Not!” after every sentence?” I was living in a different world. But I HAVE watched Friends! :)

  19. sparkling74 Avatar

    I love friends and those Gellers just add to the lovefest. I’m a little too Monica with my obsessions but not so much about cleanliness. It’s the competitive thing. BTW my favorite episode with Ross is the night he wore the leather pants. I can just about all out belly laugh every time I see that episode!!