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First, I have to say “Happy Birthday!” to my little guy. Hard to believe it, but he’s 4 years old today. Or 28 in dog years, which makes him older than me and Andy… But shh, don’t tell him that! He already tends to think he’s in charge.

Second, thanks to e-publishing Twenty-Somewhere, I would call myself an “accidental indie author,” and today I’m over at All Things Books as part of a month-long Indie Authors Bash. I ended up blogging about book covers, and how all books (traditional or indie) need to have good ones, because they are like the handshake of the publishing world. I’d be honored if you would hop over and show me and hostess Tanya some love. Danke!

Last but not least, my friend Angie wrote a great post about “The Power of Sharing,” and how her family has gradually opened up about her sister’s developmental disabilities. They even helped start a nonprofit for families who are caring for members with special needs. Angie has always humbled me with the love, patience, and concern she shows for her sister, so when she says that her parents are her inspiration, you can imagine how great they are.

7 responses to “A birthday, a handshake, and an inspiring friend”

  1. Les Avatar

    I love books with good covers! Seems like the authors don’t have much of a say about it in a lot of cases though…

  2. Sonje Avatar

    Happy birthday, Riley!

    Also, I like the way you started your guest post dirty. ;)

  3. Kristan Avatar

    That’s definitely true. But a lot of authors don’t have design sensibilities, so it’s probably better that way. :P

    Riley: Rank rou!
    Me: Haha, thanks. That surprised me. But it worked out.

  4. Meghan Ward Avatar

    Your Twenty Somewhere cover is great! I’ll go check out your other post.

  5. Pseudo Avatar

    BC turned 4 last March, I forgot the boys were the same age. Happy Birthday to Riley (a little belated). Congrats on 20 Something!! I remember reading the posts when you first started.

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Aw, I did too! Happy belated to BC as well! :)