A few goals

1. Inspire passion.

2. Spread kindness, positive energy, and creativity.

3. Enjoy life.

15 responses to “A few goals”

  1. Rachele Alpine Avatar

    Great goals! If only everyone aspired to achieve the same goals…the world would be an amazing place!

  2. Pseudo Avatar

    I love your goals.

  3. Les Avatar

    I need to do the same.

  4. Trisha Avatar

    #2 – I call it, blowing sunshine. :) I had a professor in my M.Ed. program who just exuded happiness and joy. I always left that class feeling like I’d been surrounded with blowing sunshine.

  5. Shari Avatar

    LOVE this :)

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, everyone!


  7. Julia Avatar

    Good goals. Especially the middle one. Kindness is an underrated value. And in today’s society, it takes a special kind of courage to practice.

  8. Brian D. Buckley Avatar

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

    *Enjoy* life?

    Madness, I say – madness!


  9. Joelle Wilson Avatar

    Love this list. :)

  10. Krispy Avatar

    Popped over from Sherrie’s blog. All I have to say to this goal list is: YES. THIS. :)

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Hi to all the new folks! *waves* :)

    I could not agree more.

  12. Jon Avatar

    Short, sweet, and honest. Thanks for the post–and the inspiration.