Charming Charleston (part 2)

The main event of our trip to Charleston was my cousin’s wedding. It was held at a small plantation home on the river, with broad, sweeping trees and a great view of the marshes. We ate the best catered food I’ve ever had. The mosquitoes ate us.

Charleston 026

Sometimes it feels like Andy and I have been to a million weddings and should, as a different cousin once said, be “married by proxy.” Sometimes it feels like we are.

Charleston 031

Of course there’s no way to know exactly what the future holds. We can only hope and dream and talk and plan. And when things change, we adapt. Together. That’s how we’ve gotten through 6+ years. It isn’t magic.

Charleston 034

Or maybe it is.

Charleston 035

Like this:


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  1. Beautiful! And I think there is always a little magic involved :)

  2. So sweet :) I’ve always believed that love has its own special magic, the kind that lifts you up and grounds you at the same time. You and Andy are such a great example of that!

  3. Trisha

    Very nice.

  4. What a pretty picture book! Thanks for sharing, this makes my heart grow three sizes. xxx

  5. Ingrid

    Awwwwww, you guys are so cute!

  6. Great pictures. You two make a cute couple. :)

  7. Joelle Wilson

    The magic is the love that the two of you share with each other. :)

  8. Thanks, everybody! I always feel a bit weird about being publicly… “mushy,” but sometimes things just need to be said. Simply because they are felt.

  9. Jon

    Very nice photos! I think somehow the South suits you guys…

  10. It’s amazing how many times “magic” comes from a whole lot of hard work.

  11. Sonje-
    Tru dat.

  12. Kimberly

    Communication is one the ways to keep the relationship alive and strong. You look so great together and so happy. May you enjoy more weddings.

  13. You are a pretty darn cute couple. And you already understand that relationships are more than the magic.

  14. Kimberly and Pseudo-
    Thank you! :)

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