The Book Job

Oh man, SUPER related to yesterday’s post, check out this recent episode of the Simpsons: “The Book Job.” (Psst, Neil Gaiman guest stars!)

Homer: “I just hope we put in enough steampunk. Whatever that is.”

LOL! Big thanks to Sonje for telling me about it.

4 responses to “The Book Job”

  1. Sonje Avatar

    I’m glad you liked the episode. I thought it was pretty hysterical myself. My favorite parts were definitely Lisa’s various ways of procrastinating.

  2. Kristan Avatar

    YES haha, like arranging the pencils? While the team was plotting on notecards? Surprisingly good, ironic statements about the process.

    There were so many great parts/lines! (“I got the idea from every movie and TV ever made.” LOL.) I think I’m going to have to watch again.

  3. Joelle Wilson Avatar

    I’m going to check this one out. But then again that may be my way or procrastinating.

    Perhaps I can call it research… lol

  4. Kristan Avatar

    It’s seriously the best 20 min I’ve spent in a long time!