Gobbling up Houston

“What do you mean it’s going to be 75 degrees?” Andy said. “That’s ridiculous! That’s not Thanksgiving.”

I shrugged. “It is in Houston.”

Thanksgiving in Houston 040

Thanksgiving in Houston 048

Thanksgiving in Houston 054

Thanksgiving in Houston 059

Thanksgiving in Houston 120

11 responses to “Gobbling up Houston”

  1. T. S. Bazelli Avatar

    Feels like it’s missing something… like frost, or snow, in that last photo LOL

  2. Sonje Avatar

    My mother-in-law lived in Houston for a while, and we visited her there once or twice, but we never did anything interesting. I do remember all the billboards, advertising either churches or guns.

  3. Jon Avatar

    Really like the pictures, especially the surfer!

  4. Les Avatar

    It’s been snowing here since Friday afternoon, I’ll take some of that 75…

  5. Trisha Avatar

    Is that last one your folks house?

  6. Shari Avatar

    It looks like such a beautiful place — and hey, sometimes 75 degrees can be a wonderful thing! Is the water warm, too?

  7. Pseudo Avatar

    There is surf in Houston?

  8. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar

    I had a friend who spent a few months in Houston. She reported the guns and the churches, but not the surfing. That was right after Katrina, so mostly she went to the Astrodome and taught people how to knit.

  9. Kristan Avatar

    Yes, that WOULD make that photo complete!

    Sonje and Anthony-
    Not gonna lie, I’m kind of sad that that’s the impression people are leaving Houston with. For the record, I’ve never seen a gun (besides on a cop) in my 18+ years of living in Houston. The churches… okay, yeah, but I feel like there are a lot of churches everywhere, they’re just not as BIG as the ones in Texas! :P

    Haha, no. Festival of Lights in Galveston.

    Shari and Pseudo-
    Surf is in Galveston, and it’s nothing compared to Hawaii or other major coasts. I didn’t go in the water myself, but I highly doubt it was warm. Definitely dirty/salty though. :P

  10. Pseudo Avatar

    Houston is beautiful. I had no idea. My dad’s family was from around Houston. Conroe. Not sure if I spelled it right. My grandma used to tell me all kinds of stories about Houston.

    BTW Andy would think Hawaii is super non Thanksgiving weather.

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Oh yeah, Conroe! Very cool. :)

    I think Andy would forgive Hawaii, haha.