Beautiful advice

Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we forget. I think that’s why writing blogs are helpful to writers — after a while, it’s not that we’re learning anything new, but we’re getting constant reminders (that are hopefully entertaining and/or eloquent). Today’s inspirational reminders come via my friend Angie. These are the ones that applied most to me, but there are about a dozen others if you click through.


  1. These are great…so whimsical. I like the second one best. And I need to use my library more, too. It’s so close I can walk to it but I don’t go nearly enough.

  2. Ack! Since we’re saving the internet today, I can’t see your friend’s site. Did she design these herself? Or did she collect them and put them altogether in a post? I ask because I really like them, and if she designed them, I might ask her to quote me on a cover design–if she would be interested in that sort of thing. Of course this is all moot if she’s not the one who created these spectacular images…

  3. Ooh yes I saw these on Brain Pickings – brilliant. I especially like the “use your library” one. (I’m often shocked by how many people I know don’t go to libraries. And it’s not because they are so rich they just buy all the books they want to read).

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