My days, as of late

– writing until 3 a.m.
– finally watching How I Met Your Mother
– cat-sitting for my neighbor
– reorganizing our books by color
– not blogging

But here’s the thing: I’m close. Close to the end of the first draft. I won’t say how close, and I won’t predict when I’ll actually be finished, but as all those 2012 doomsday-ers say, THE END IS NEAR.

Be ready.


  1. I am with you right up until the organising your books by colour. Now I’m concerned (and not just by your American spelling!). But part of me wants to see a photo.

    Oh and most importantly, great work!! So excited that your draft is almost done.

  2. Pseudo says:

    Yea! First draft almost there. So inspiring to watch your progress.

    I got distracted this week with watching all three seasons of United States of Tara on netflix streaming.

  3. Ben Brooks says:

    Funny, I went to blog today, fully intending to blog this very thing: What am I doing right now, and what do I have in store for the near future?

    Instead I got sidetracked and talked about Star Wars toys.

    Great progress, and can’t wait to see the finished product! Now, back to work on my own…

  4. Jon says:

    Congratulations on making it almost there! I can’t wait to read it.

  5. Shari says:

    Yay, yay, yay! Congratulations on being so close, and have the best time wrapping it up. Enjoy every moment :)

    (Also, I agree with Amanda – can we see a picture of the books?!)

  6. Excellent news (except for the not-blogging part :-) ).

    My last girlfriend was always bothered by the fact that my books are completely disorganized. She offered to alphabetize them for me, but I declined. Well, my parents were both librarians, and our books when I was growing up were never organized either.

  7. Trisha says:

    By color?

  8. gingermandy says:

    eeeek! so excited for you!

  9. sonje says:

    That is fantastic! I can tell you’re on a roll now! Finishing is going to be awesome! Okay! Enough exclamation points!

  10. Juliann Wetz says:


  11. Wow…writing until 3 a.m….AWESOME! I love those nights (or mornings) when you’re in the zone, writing so fast and furious that it feels like your fingers are gonna fall off. It’s a writer’s high. Enjoy it!

  12. Kristan says:

    Thanks, everybody!

    I’ll take a picture of our shelves, but I warn you that we don’t have enough books to make the effect totally awesome. Just more awesome than what we had before.

  13. Em says:

    YAY!! This is so exciting! I usually do my best work at 3 am … it’s quiet and peaceful! Can’t wait to read this book!

  14. Samantha says:

    Me too, recently I’ve been having short amounts of sleep because of all the things I wanted to do. There is much to do yet so little time especially if 2012 prediction would be true. Time is limited. I wanted to try things and adventures that I have not done yet before 2012 ends just in case.

  15. Susan says:

    I can’t wait to celebrate with you. You have put a lot of effort into that writing, I am sure it will be amazing.

  16. Lucy says:

    First draft nearly done? Wow! Hooray!!

  17. Virtual high-five!

  18. CG Blake says:

    Good luck with your work in progress. I mentioned your recent Writer Unboxed post on my blog today. It really resonated with me since I was finishing up my work in progress and suddenly the cover art arrived for my already finished first novel. I then decided to go back and polish my novel (after seven rounds of line edits). Talk about juggling. Anyway, here’s a link to my blog:

  19. Kristan says:

    Thanks, y’all!

    Yup, haha, there are a lot fewer distractions at 3 AM.

    That’s a wonderful goal. Here’s to adventures! :)

    Aw thanks, I loved your post.

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