1. Jon says:

    You rock, Kristan!

  2. Sonje says:

    Because you get to define what “making it” means.

  3. Les says:

    Sounds like a good plan!

  4. Julia says:

    If you write, you’re a writer. I’d say you already made it.

  5. linda says:

    Go Kristan! I have a lot to learn from your dedication. :)

  6. I agree with Sonje and Julia. “Making it” can be a lot of different things, but if you’re writing and writing well (I sound like Hemingway) then you’re doing the important part.

  7. clicking the like button :)

  8. Martin White says:

    and I suspect, not even then…

  9. Meghan Ward says:

    Love this! And although yes, “making it” can mean a lot of things, I think getting a book deal is the first step in many writers’ minds.

  10. Kristan says:

    Sonje, Julia, Anthony, Meghan-
    Yes, “making it” doesn’t have a fixed meaning, and that’s part of this. I won’t stop until I’m satisfied, and I might not know what that means until I reach it.

    And related to that…

    “and I suspect, not even then…” Hehe, maybe not.

  11. You go, girl! I love this!!!!

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