1. Nice pictures. Did you get to go? I missed it, but loved hearing all the great recaps of houw friendly Cincinnatians were to our world guests. It sounds like it was fantastic.

  2. Tessa-
    Definitely just watched, haha.

    They used to be called the Choir “Olympics.” So just what you’d imagine: choirs from around the world competing for gold/silver/bronze in various categories. Show, chamber, “scenic folk,” barbershop quartet, etc.

    We did! We attended the final Champions Concert. That one pic is of emcee Drew Lachey, and the other is from a South African choir’s scenic folk piece. It was SO COOL!

  3. Well, the show choir was, but since we saw the Champions Concert, we only saw 1 show choir (i.e., the Champions). They did a pretty neat mash-up of stuff though, including “Good Life” by OneRepublic. :)

  4. Sherrie-
    You did?! I didn’t know that! (Or if I did, I forgot…) And yeah, we didn’t know there were choir Olympics either, until suddenly they were here. :P

    Yes, they are, and thank you!

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