Ann Arbor

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Like this:


Privilege, guilt, and the right to pursue our dreams


The other side of Sept 11


  1. Jon

    I love Zingerman’s! Good choice. What did you get?

  2. So, we didn’t actually eat there this time. :( Next time, for sure!! But we did buy a latte and a grapefruit truffle, and sampled some of the amaaaazing olive oil.

  3. Ah, you should have come when I was in MI for two weeks in July! I ate at Zingerman’s when I was in A-squared last summer. You may remember that I visited the first Border’s just before it went out of business. So sad! Any chance you are going to BlogHer ’13 in Chicago? I’m thinking about going.

  4. Sorry! July (all of summer, really) was crazy. And no, no plans to go to BlogHer this year… Chicago’s great, though!

  5. BlogHer Chicago isn’t until next July. Come! You’re not far.

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