1. Jon says:

    I love Zingerman’s! Good choice. What did you get?

  2. Kristan says:

    So, we didn’t actually eat there this time. :( Next time, for sure!! But we did buy a latte and a grapefruit truffle, and sampled some of the amaaaazing olive oil.

  3. Meghan Ward says:

    Ah, you should have come when I was in MI for two weeks in July! I ate at Zingerman’s when I was in A-squared last summer. You may remember that I visited the first Border’s just before it went out of business. So sad! Any chance you are going to BlogHer ’13 in Chicago? I’m thinking about going.

  4. Kristan says:

    Sorry! July (all of summer, really) was crazy. And no, no plans to go to BlogHer this year… Chicago’s great, though!

  5. Meghan Ward says:

    BlogHer Chicago isn’t until next July. Come! You’re not far.

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