1. I love that last photo so much (the sandy footprints)! And I just remembered that I have a pic of when the littlest Wedge was born and Number One Son cuddling up to her. Now I can frame them together. :)

  2. Some lovely photos, especially the tracks in the sand. Was that Rochester MN or NY, at Thanksgiving?

  3. Pleased to hear you were in “our” city for Thanksgiving, Kristan. Hope that you had a great time.

  4. Kristan, I agree that this should be a monthly thing (no pressure, though!). Love these pictures. Do you use a real camera or a smart phone? Do tell!

  5. Thanks! I use a Canon S90 (“real” camera, I guess? lol) and as of Nov, also the iPad mini’s built-in camera (usually obvious if it’s Instagram-ed).

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