April in photos

Tonight's sky. #nofilter #cincinnati The #grumblepup got a new collar!
Overnight profusion. Creeping pink...
colorado 003
Cutest post office ever? Georgetown, Colorado. Regal Rocket.
Father-son picnic at Red Rocks. Natural beauty.
Tuckered out. On Instagram, other dogs are always doing cool stuff. Mine mostly sleeps.
Pretty pollen gradient. Well, hello there. #backyardvisitor

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An engaging weekend


  1. You captured the transition from winter to spring beautifully.

  2. Trisha


  3. Your photos are always so fantastic. Do you take them with an iPhone or a real camera?

  4. Thanks!

    Well I have a nice point-and-shoot (Canon S90) but lately almost all of my pictures have just been taking with my iPad mini.

  5. I still haven’t used Instagram or any of the filters available on Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc. Maybe when I retired :)

  6. Notice I managed to squeeze “tired” into “retire.”

  7. Jon

    Kristan, these pictures are beautiful. If only the world knew how photogenic Ohio really is…

  8. Jon-
    Well actually some of these are Colorado… Haha.

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