April in photos

Tonight's sky. #nofilter #cincinnati The #grumblepup got a new collar!
Overnight profusion. Creeping pink...
colorado 003
Cutest post office ever? Georgetown, Colorado. Regal Rocket.
Father-son picnic at Red Rocks. Natural beauty.
Tuckered out. On Instagram, other dogs are always doing cool stuff. Mine mostly sleeps.
Pretty pollen gradient. Well, hello there. #backyardvisitor

8 responses to “April in photos”

  1. Juliann Avatar

    You captured the transition from winter to spring beautifully.

  2. Trisha Avatar


  3. Meghan Ward Avatar

    Your photos are always so fantastic. Do you take them with an iPhone or a real camera?

  4. Kristan Avatar


    Well I have a nice point-and-shoot (Canon S90) but lately almost all of my pictures have just been taking with my iPad mini.

  5. Meghan Ward Avatar

    I still haven’t used Instagram or any of the filters available on Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc. Maybe when I retired :)

  6. Meghan Ward Avatar

    Notice I managed to squeeze “tired” into “retire.”

  7. Jon Avatar

    Kristan, these pictures are beautiful. If only the world knew how photogenic Ohio really is…

  8. Kristan Avatar

    Well actually some of these are Colorado… Haha.