6-17 savute 048
Giraffes in Savute. #botswana
6-18 savute 014
6-18 savute 022
6-18 savute 113
6-18 savute 146
6-19 chobe 019
6-19 chobe 075
6-19 chobe 085
6-19 iPad pics 019
6-20 chobe 037
6-20 chobe 105
6-21 livingstone 075
6-21 livingstone 105

6 responses to “Photos from Botswana (part 2)”

  1. Jonathan Avatar

    These pictures are absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing. I love the leopards and the elephants and the giraffe sunset the best.

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Those are actually hyenas! Sadly none of my leopard pictures came out, because leopards are super stealthy. ;P

  3. Caryn Caldwell Avatar

    Wow! Those are completely amazing! At first I thought I’d like the giraffe picture best because it’s so striking, but then I kept reading, and now I really can’t choose. They’re all so good! Glad you had such a good trip!

  4. Meghan Ward Avatar

    You skipped BlogHer ’13 to go to Botswana?! Oh, well, I guess I can understand that :) I think we should have BlogHer ’14 over there! Wonderful pictures!

  5. linda Avatar

    omg. LOVE. so gorgeous!

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Thank you! Your kind words mean even more now that I know how good *your* photos are!

    Lol I’m glad I have your approval/forgiveness.


    (That’s how I feel whenever you comment / I see or hear from you in any way, hehe.)