From a comment I left on Rose’s blog:

Writing has always helped me to understand and preserve my experiences. I’m afraid of losing things/people if I don’t write about them, in fact. It’s like my memories are ships that would sail away without my words to anchor them.


  1. Oh, yes. I always remember that Hemingway, when he was older, saying that he couldn’t remember Lady Duff Twysden very well, though they had been close when he was young. When he thought about her, what he really remembered was Lady Brett Ashley, the character he’d based on her in The Sun Also Rises.

  2. oh, so true, so true.

  3. Meghan Ward says:

    This makes me a little sad that I stopped posting to my personal blog, where I recorded what my kids were up to. I tried to keep up both that one and Writerland, but it was too much and soon my weekly posts were monthly posts and then annual posts. Maybe I’ll still go there and post once in a while, though. I loved being able to look back at how my kids had grown.

  4. Kristan says:

    That reminds me, I really need/want to read THE SUN ALSO RISES. ;P

    Yeah, I think that’s why I try to mix in some personal things here, in spite of most people probably wanting it to be more focused (particularly on writing). I just need that outlet (and I’m too lazy to maintain multiple blogs). But I’m sure you still have other touchpoints to remember your kids’ growth by. Photos and such?

  5. Well I can say it’s my favorite Hemingway novel. Is it the “best”? Who knows? (Though it’s definitely better than the ones that suck :-) )

    For my taste, as he got older his novels got worse and his short stories got better. Some of his mid-to-late short stories are amazing,

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