Seattle in photos

day 1 018
Sculptures in Bloedel Reserve. #seattle #bainbridgeisland Gorgeous portrait in the visitors center at Bloedel Reserve. #seattle #bainbridgeisland
day 2 024
day 2 027
day 2 032
day 3 040
day 3 047
Obligatory Space Needle shot. #seattle #landmarked Experience Music Project. #seattle #landmarked #gehry
day 4 074

Like this:


Taylor and Katy (and me?)


Author-friends and the Panama Hotel


  1. Terry Butler


    • Thanks! There are actually a few more pics to come, in a separate themed post about the Chihuly museum. Seattle’s just a really beautiful, artsy place.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Seattle seems like such a lovely place. I’m curious: where was the last photo taken?

    • Shari-
      The last photo was taken next to the Experience Music Project; it was a “wall” separating the museum from the parking lot.

  3. What I like about these pictures is that they’re not the sights (except the Space Needle) that I usually associate with Seattle. Makes me want to go and look again.

  4. Wow! You caught Seattle on a clear day. Lovely pictures. I especially like the ones of the temple, or is it someone’s house?

    • It’s a Japanese tea house on Bainbridge Island — but I desperately want a house designed like that!

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