1. I always enjoy your photos, Kristan. That one of Riley’s little bum is adorable!

  2. Wait if I just submit more than one comment it overwrites the past one? Anyway I just said that I always love your photos and my favorites here are the license plates and the big one in the middle :)

    1. Lol whoops, no, it’s that my site didn’t recognize you because of the “comedytaggednotes” name, so it held that comment for moderation. And sadly I had to take away the edit feature for comments because that plugin wasn’t playing nicely with everything else.

      But thanks for the compliment! It’s good motivation to take more photos. I always mean to, but my average has gone way down lately, to like 4-5 pics per month! Sad. Unless I travel, haha, then it’s more like 4-5 HUNDRED. :P

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