Just before leaving for Taiwan, I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for my friend Jasmine Warga’s debut novel.

I first blogged about her book, MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES, here.

I have now recapped the launch party over at We Heart YA.

And last week, I tweeted about a couple special surprises:

2 responses to “Quick follow-up to MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES”

  1. Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    How cool!! We often focus on how awesome it will be to see our bylines, or our names on the front cover of a book, but I think it might be just as incredible to be acknowledged in someone else’s book. I hope I have that honor someday.,

    1. Kristan Avatar

      I’m sure you will! And I think you’re right: it’s just as special. That reminds me of something that author Courtney Stevens said in an interview:

      “If I get to the end of my career and my name is on more spines than in acknowledgements, I’ve done something wrong.”