1. Margot Wood says:

    Wow, these photos are amazing!!!

    1. Kristan says:

      Aw thanks! Means a lot coming from THE Real Fauxtographer. ;) Taiwan is just such a beautiful place, though. I can’t take too much credit.

  2. Nice pictures! When I was a kid, my dad took a business trip to Taiwan and brought me a bunch of postcards. It was my first introduction to Asia and I’ve been fascinated with ancient Asian architecture ever since.

    1. Kristan says:

      How fun! But you haven’t been to Taiwan yet? I think you would enjoy it.

      Granted, I am biased… ;P

  3. Terrific pictures. What is the tall building in the last one? It’s very striking.

    1. Kristan says:

      Thank you! That’s Taipei 101, which was the tallest free-standing building in the world for many years. (It has since been surpassed and is currently fifth tallest, maybe?) The first photo in this set is a one of the views from the observatory on the 89th floor of Taipei 101.

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