60,000 miles

This month, I finally made use of a present that Andy gave me two Christmases ago.


First, I spent a week in England with my dear friend and critique partner Sarah Wedgbrow. It’s been nearly two years since she moved away, and even though we’re constantly in touch, I still miss her every day.

Next, I hopped over to Berlin and Copenhagen to meet up with two of my oldest friends so that we could celebrate our 30th birthdays together. (Okay, mine isn’t until November, but theirs were both within the past month.) Unfortunately I caught a cold, which took me out of commission for a couple afternoons, but I still had a marvelous time.

I feel lucky to live in an era when technology enables me to keep in touch with people I care about, even across great distances. But there’s nothing like that face-to-face connection. There’s no substitute for the sweetness of a child’s hug, or the smell of a Sunday roast. The way my friend’s eyes crinkle when she laughs. The closeness of our bodies crammed onto a single small bed while we whisper about life and love late into the night.

Twice this year, I’ve traveled halfway around the world to spend time with family. Twice this year, I’ve been reminded that family often transcends my definitions. Twice this year, I’ve seen that family is its own kind of magic.

And what is it about getting away that allows us to become closer to ourselves?

By the way, I know it seems like I’m traveling all the time — and truthfully, travel is a priority of mine — but I swear, I do have a permanent address, and I’ll be staying put for a while now.

3 responses to “60,000 miles”

  1. Shari Avatar

    It sounds like you had an amazing trip (well, minus the cold — so sorry you weren’t feeling well for part of the vacation)! For as wonderful as travel is all on its own, I think it’s when we couple it with friends and family that it truly becomes the stuff memories are made of. So glad you made such terrific memories!

  2. Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    I’m envious. I haven’t gotten to travel lately. :(
    Also, I remember Sarah! I’ll bet it was fun to catch up with her in person. :)

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Aw, I’m sure you’ll be jet-setting again soon! And yes, Sarah is always a blast. :)