Pandemic life in photos

Life has gotten smaller in many ways… but there is sweetness still.

One of the coolest things we have done since the pandemic started is this butterfly growing kit. (Thanks, Trisha!) IB enjoyed it, but as not as much as Andy and I did, haha.

There has been bouncing…

And baking…

And growing…

And family walks…

And “lite home-schooling”…

And one vacation to South Haven, MI (which was busier than we would have liked, but we managed it safely, I think)…

And this month, my baby boy turned one.

In some ways, everything is different. In some ways, nothing is different at all.

Like this:


Times like these


New year, still here (ish)

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  1. Happy Birthday baby boy!

    And yeah I feel like the last part too since neither kid I school aged yet. Everything feels strange but also not at all.

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