I think 2020 was a death of sorts for this blog.

I wonder if 2021 will see a rebirth.

Throughout the pandemic, I have taken so many notes, and started several drafts. But then the window of time to finish my thoughts disappears, and the impulse fades. By the time I come back to my words, they no longer compel me, or are simply outdated.

There’s nothing wrong with that, in and of itself. In fact, sometimes I contribute more to the world by saying less. (And frankly, I wish more people would come to this same realization.)

But writing well is as much about practice as talent or genius — maybe more so — and I don’t want to get too rusty.

I suppose if anything is going to make it “to print,” it must be finished quickly. I must finish it. Set aside perfectionist tendencies. Seize upon the moment, rather than hoping for more time later.

Maybe, too, I should think smaller, as I advised in my most recent post for Writer Unboxed.

Speaking of small… A personal and professional highlight from 2020:

I wrote a “Tiny Love Story” and it was accepted for publication in the New York Times, appearing in both their digital and print editions!

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