WIP update:
• Did not hit 30k words this weekend. -_-
• Did finish writing Chapter 7 though! ^_^
• Am considering upping my weekday quota to 1k words each, and my Sat/Sun quota to 2k words each. o_O

This weekend was beautiful, despite my allergies and the gnarly headache I got on Sunday. Andy and I played 9 holes of golf, checked out the iPad, and ate at a new restaurant downtown. For the record, yes, the iPad is very cool. Andy is even thinking about getting one. Personally I’d prefer the Verizon iPhone rumors to be true, buuuut I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Other than that, I just did the usual: read, write, sleep, play with Riley, and eat too much (particularly of the chocolate variety).

My life is fascinating, isn’t it?

Oh, it’s not? Well… okay then. Maybe you’d like a little break from me. Maybe you’d like a glimpse into someone else’s life? Maybe you’d like me to blog about something other than myself for once?


This week I’ll be posting a 2-part interview with blog-friend and fantasy author Todd Newton. His book The Ninth Avatar has just been released by Trapdoor Books, and he kindly took the time to tell us a bit about the book and its (unique) journey to publication. He also has some great thoughts on writing, and pictures of his 2 adorable pups.

Sound good? Great! Then stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’ll be at the driving range working on my swing. ^_~

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